Zagreb and surroundings (Aug+Sep 2019)


Like last year we worked on the Croatia project again but this time we were based in Zagreb. For us Zagreb was not a city with which we fell in love at first sight but once we warmed up to it it is a really nice city with a good atmosphere. We ended up staying for 7 weeks. Besides working on the project we also explored the city and the surroundings.

We enjoyed strolling through old (upper) and new (lower) town, visited the unusual Museum of Broken Relationships, glanced at the colorful street art and liked the various high points to have a view of the city from above – cities with a hilly terrain have a special appeal to us as the views are much more exciting.

main street of Zagreb
amazing graffiti art in Zagreb

We also explored some of the surroundings. We hiked up the local mountain Sljeme several times and visited the abandoned Brestovac Sanatorium.

inside Brestovac sanatorium

We did a road trip where we went north to Varazdin and afterwards to Trakoscan castle. On the next day we stopped at Samobor and walked through the town, up to the castle and further up to a nice view point.

hiking near Kalnik along the mountain ridge and to the top of Skrinja

On another weekend we visited our partner from last year in Rijeka and on the way back we stopped at Skrad and Karlovac.

sunset from Kraljevica with view to Rijeka

When we left Zagreb 7 weeks later we drove south towards Bosnia-Herzegovina. We made a last overnight stop in Podgaric. There is a huge concrete monument from Yugoslavia times in the middle of nowhere. Shortly before we crossed the border there was another concrete monument called „Stone flower“.

Podgaric monument


we spent 7 weeks in Zagreb

Exchange rate (27.08.2019): 1 Euro = 7,40KN (Kuna)

we drank approximately 35 Cappuccino (rough guessing) at the Café 10m away from our office

we had 2 guests. 100% of them were vegans.