Lithuania (August 2019)


We crossed the border into Lithuania on a rainy day but as soon as we arrived in Klaipeda the sun came out again:) We strolled through the city center but didn’t warm up with it that much. Maybe the many cruise ship tourists in that rather small town did their part to it.

In the evening we continued to the Zemaitijos National Park and found a nice and quiet spot for the night. Around Plateliai are good cycling paths so the next morning we rented bikes again and rode around the lake and had a refreshing swim along the way.

cycling around the lake in Zemaitija National Park

After our bicycle trip we drove to Siauliai and walked through the „Hill of Crosses“ in the evening light.

The next day was another day of rain and we spent most of the time in the wonderful and empty university library of Siauliai. When traveling we often use libraries as they provide a good table to work on our photos as well as WIFI for travel research.

spending a rainy day in a very well equipped library

On our way further southeast in direction Vilnius we stopped at this entertainment place to have some fun:)

Last but not least we visited Vilnius… the third capital city in the Baltics within 3 weeks. At the beginning we weren’t sure if we could appreciate another city but as it turned out we liked it a lot. We had very nice weather during the 2 days and we enjoyed the nice atmosphere on the square of the cathedral in the evening.

sunset at the cathedral

One morning we rented E-scooters and drove through the city looking for graffitis 🙂

Our last stop in Lithuania was a very small and nice lake in the middle of nowhere. We enjoyed our last 2 days there relaxing and swimming before we started our 3 day drive back to Bavaria.

we really liked the quirky drawing style of the road signs in Lithuania



in Klaipeda we experienced our first 3 lane roundabout and it was quite challenging…

we refueled for 1,05€ at what must have been the slowest gasoline pump in our life. But hey – it was the cheapest gas station we saw so no complaining

apparently our bus is so vintage that other (German) VW T4 drivers greet us

when you are driving it is very hard to know what the current speed limit is

Lithuanians spell the word „Taksi“ the way it should also be spelled in German 🙂



we spent 7 days in Lithuania

we wild camped every night

diesel price was 1,05€ per liter

we drove 756km in Lithuania – an average of 108km per day. Plus 1450km back from Lithuania to Verenas parents in southern Bavaria.

we spent 14 Euro per person per day. Excluding fixed costs like car insurance + taxes and travel health insurance.