weekend in Copenhagen (December 2016)


for an extended weekend we went to Copenhagen where we met our English friends Maddie and Paul

As it was pre-christmas time the city was decorated with many lights and we enjoyed the nice mood. We wandered around the city and admired the beautiful buildings, the water that surrounds the city and all the delicious (sweet) food we could eat – besides muffins and hotdogs mainly cinnamon rolls.

Copenhagen Nyhavn at dusk
Danish pastry

In the evenings we went to paper island where they converted an old paper factory into an creative international street food market where we enjoyed delicious food from all over the world.

Copenhagen Street Food on Paper Island

We visited all-lit-up Tivoli, had a boat ride on the canals of the city and made a Tour of the Carlsberg brewery including beer tasting at the end with all kinds of weird beers.

Carlsberg brewery

Maddie & Paul made a video of our short trip:



there are bikes everywhere! On Friday morning there were more people going to work by bike than by car

besides that we have never been to a city where there are so many electric cars

it was very clean everywhere

because everything was so expensive at one point we stopped converting prices to Euros. Instead we calculated how many Cappuccinos something cost