Prague & Vienna for one week (August 2017)


together with Edgar’s mother and brother we traveled to Prague and Vienna for a week. We spent 3 days in Prague, took the train to Vienna and spent 3 days there as well. We were incredibly lucky with the weather as it was always sunny and (at least for Prague) not too hot, had nice holiday apartments, wandered around the city, had lots of delicious snacks and food and in general had a good time together.

view over the Vltava to Charles Bridge

In Prague we were very happy to meet two Couchsurfers who had stayed with us in Imst one year before. We got some valuable insider tipps from them and went to a real Czech (i.e. non-touristy) restaurants with them.

view over Prague from the castle

After impressive Prague we were a bit worried that our “travel companions” would not be fascinated by Vienna but it turned out we were wrong ūüôā

Natural History Museum at dawn
parts of the massive and impressive Town Hall

We had a wonderful time in both cities and it was good to spent some time with Edgar’s mother and brother. They did not get up with us at 4AM for photography but that’s something we are willing to forgive them ūüėČ




if we compare the two cities Prag is much more crowded with narrow streets and attractions are very close together. In Vienna there is lots of open space, you end up walking a lot but therefore it never felt as crowded as in Prague. In both cities it was – as usual – beneficial to get up very early ūüôā

Prague: at some point we stopped counting the number of photoshoots of Asian wedding couples in the street. Our Prague-Couchsurfing-Friends told us, that some years ago there was a romantic TV show in Korea which plays in Prague. Since then the number of Korean (wedding-photos) tourists has vastly increased. In front of some churches were signs which said it is forbidden to take wedding pictures inside.

on the train to Vienna Edgar told his mother and brother that the waiters in Vienna can be very rude and unfriendly and that they should not take it personal. We ended up having only super nice and friendly waiters which most likely had to do with the fact that we went to many small, alternative restaurants