Krakow for a weekend (April 2016)


together with a friend we went to Krakow over a prolonged weekend. As usual we chose our favourite type of transport for city trips inside Europe: the night train

Wawel Cathedral on Wawel Hill
St Adalbert’s Church at the main square Rynek Glowny

Spring had fully arrived in Krakow and once again we were incredibly lucky with the weather. We stayed for four days and mainly spent our time walking through the Old Town, Wawel Hill, the Jewish Quarter Kazimierz and the former Ghetto Podgórze. There were more tourists than we expected but it seemed like the majority of them were Polish tourists. We did not see too many foreigners.

Another thing we did not expect was the excellent food! We had a huge variety of East European food, many new tastes and always ate very delicious.

yummy 🙂

On the only rainy morning we visited Schindler’s Factory museum and learned a lot about the second World War in Krakow and the horrible situation of the Jews in the city.

The Nazis destroyed the Jewish tombstones. Later a wall was built out of the pieces
part of the very impressive and huge main square Rynek Glowny at dusk