First test-packing for Iceland (January 2013)

During a weekend with bad weather we decided to do a test packing so we would know if everything we want to take with us fits in our 2 backpacks. We started by spreading everything we think we are going to take with us on the floor.

As we have not yet all the equipment we are going to take with us some items are missing on this picture: Digital Camera (DSLR), sandals Edgar, rain trouser Edgar, food, hiking sticks. Additionally as we haven’t finally decided which camping-cooker to take with us (ethyl alcohol (German: Brennspiritus) VS. fuel (German: Benzinkocher) we just put a 1,2KG cooking pot as a substitute for weight and space.

The tent (top of the picture) is not the one we are going to take with us – we have decided to take a Vaude Atreus 3 Person tent with us.

What do YOU think about this packing list? Anything missing? Anything too much? Mail us!