Final travel preparations (May 2013)

We are getting to the final stage of our travel preparations and will start our travel around the world soon.

We quit our job several weeks ago and only have 1,5 weeks left to work. During the last several weeks we did a lot of paperwork (address modifications, cancellation of contracts, insurances), organized many things, spent a lot of time reading through travel books and sold a lot of stuff on eBay and finally our car. Our apartment is getting emptier and emptier (we sold our washing machine, many furniture, the iMac, moved the couch etc.) and we are getting more and more excited :-)) YAY

There is almost nothing left in our living room except our temporary “couch” and a teeny tiny Laptop 🙂

We will leave beautiful Tyrol – which has been our home for the last 4 years – end of May and our first flight to Iceland will leave on June 6th.