500 days on the road


We have been on the road for 500 days now. Although the circumstances are slightly different than expected we are still having a wonderful time and are enjoying the trip very much.  

If somebody would have told us 16 months ago how the trip would turn out we probably would not have believed that person 🙂 But first of all that’s part of traveling and being open for new things and second of all this is one of the reasons why we didn’t make “proper” plans in the first place. 

our route after 500 days


Numbers & Notes


Nights spent:

273 wild camping
74 on campgrounds
9 „regular“ nights in accommodations
103 „special“ nights in accommodations (work in Zagreb & lockdown in Greece)
36 with family or friends
5 on a ferry

We drove 30163 km

On average we spent 16 Euros per person per day. This includes fixed costs like health insurance and car insurance plus taxes. It excludes the costs for buying the car and repairing it during the trip. We excluded these costs as we think the car is a very big variable. 

We visited 11 countries and transited 7 countries 

We went to the doctor once (Edgar, Dentist)

Our car got broken into once (Italy)

We got stuck twice (Morocco)

We never seriously ran out of water or food

We kept approximately 3600 photos

We visited our families twice during that time – once for a wedding

We interrupted our trip for two months to work on a project in Zagreb

We went to the mechanic 11 times where it was rather necessary and 4 times voluntarily

The cheapest diesel price was in Bulgaria: 0,80 Euro per liter (cheaper than usual because of Corona price drop)

We never thought to spend the hottest months in Greece and Bulgaria but some things are beyond your control 😉

We finally did our first workaway in Bulgaria where we stayed with a family for 2 months and it was wonderful

We made several modifications to our car while on the road; The major ones being: auxiliary heating, roof rack and a rooftop box, solar panel including second battery.

Funnily enough this is our 50th blog post.